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Steve Harvey marries again. Wife has a shady past...


June 07, 2007. has learned that syndicated radio host Steve Harvey and his girlfriend, Marjorie Bridges have decided to jump the broom. The two, who have been dating now for more than a year, announced their engagement Monday night.

This will be Marjorie's third marriage. Hopefully her marriage with Steve will turn out better than her first two. That's because has learned that both of her previous marriages ended when her ex-husbands were sent to prison for dealing drugs. Her first husband is currently serving life in prison and her second husband is set to stand trial this fall.

And this will be Steve's third marriage. He has three children from his first two marriages - one son and twin daughters.

July 10, 2007. has learned that last week actor/comedian Steve Harvey and his fiance Marjorie Bridges were secretly wed. . The couple, who quietly announced their engagement a few weeks ago, had a small religious ceremony in a "romantic setting" in Hawaii. The ceremony was performed by Pastor T.D. Jakes, and was attended by the couples close family and friends.

This marriage will be the third for both Steve and Marjorie. Let's hope the third time's the charm. Congrats to the new couple!!!


I don't think Steve was going to even mention that he recently got married. Of course, that was his priviledge. However, one of his listeners outted him.

He mentioned it at one of their live shows they did on location.

I ain't mad at him, but I am concerned for him. I know he used to be a thug type dude, so maybe a thug type chick appeals to him. Hopefully he don't get GOT

Let's hope the third time is a charm......hahaha! Let's hope after the first two marriages that you have learned something.....that's my slogan. There would not be a number three for me. I guess some people just need to be married and I'm not one of those people. Marriage is wonderful and I'm enjoying mine, but when it's over, there will be no more. Of course, age plays a part in my decision, also.......I'm not old, but old enough to know that, "been there, done that, time to try something new."


I thought Steve Harvey had only been married once......and supposedly he is "saved"......well, who knows, maybe they could be good for each other...maybe she's changed. I'm kinda surprised, though.
Urbanite Bachelor

She is going to clean him out. The wife of a crook knows a thing or two about how to get paid and play dumb. And is that a man bag he is carrying? It's bigger than hers!!

LOL...right SC...she worked that middle and now he is sprung...from the advice he dishes out I sure hope he had her sign a prenup, but you never know...

I see a Strawberry Letter in his

She look like an old slick 'get money' type hag.

Probably suck a golf ball thru a garden hose and throw dat thang like a frisbee
Urbanite Bachelor

The rock alone will take care of her for a year or two. I ain't mad at Marjorie. Do the damn thang.

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